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About Us.

Making influence accessible to everyone.

Introducing OSSA.AI

What is OSSA.AI?

OSSA.AI is a pioneering platform dedicated to transforming written scripts into engaging short-form videos. Co-founded by Cole Gonzales, a social media influencer with over 7 million followers and a reach exceeding 4 billion across platforms, OSSA.AI uses advanced AI technology to bring your vision to life. By leveraging user inputs, our platform produces short-form videos optimized for social media engagement.

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“We are determined to make influence accessible to everyone.”

Cole Gonzales, CEO at OSSA.AI

Our Mission

What is our Mission?

Our mission is to make influence accessible to everyone. Our goal is to allow individuals to share their stories and build their brands by leveraging our platform. We recognize that editing is often the most daunting part of creating content, so we've designed OSSA.AI to remove this barrier. Users need only a script and their video preferences to start creating engaging, short-form videos without the hassle of editing.


Our Core Values

What are our Core Values?

  • Candor First: We prioritize transparent and forthright interactions in all areas of our business. Candor is our guiding principle, establishing a foundation of trust, accountability, and mutual respect among team members, customers, and stakeholders.
  • Adaptive Resilience: We excel in rapidly adapting to new challenges and market shifts. Our unwavering focus on our long-term objectives drives us to be resilient and flexible, enabling us to overcome obstacles and seize emerging opportunities.
  • Forward Thinking: We are committed to looking beyond the present moment to anticipate future needs and trends. This proactive mindset guides our strategic planning and decision-making, ensuring that we are always prepared to meet the evolving demands of our industry and users.

What separates us?

What separates OSSA.AI from other AI-video generation platforms?

OSSA.AI distinguishes itself by providing unparalleled creative freedom in video creation, moving beyond the constraints of standard template-based or less engaging AI-generated content available on other platforms. With OSSA.AI, users have full control over their content without the burden of tedious editing, making the creation process both simpler and more effective. Our platform enables users to tell their personal stories through short-form AI-generated content. Our advanced models are designed to significantly enhance your story's engagement potential, maximizing views. In short, OSSA.AI is engineered to help your story and brand effortlessly reach a wider audience by creating content directly on our platform.

Our team

Who is behind OSSA.AI?

  • Cole Gonzales

    Cole Gonzales


    Cole Gonzales is the CEO and Co-Founder of OSSA.AI. As a prominent social media influencer with over 7 million followers across various platforms and over 4 billion views on short-form content, Cole brings a wealth of experience in marketing and sales to the company. His passion for business began at the age of 16, when he became one of the top sales representatives at a leading door-to-door sales company in 2018. In 2022, Cole identified a gap in the market and envisioned a future where content creation could be automated, highly customizable, and of exceptional quality. His driving question was, "What if we could build something that someone with no experience could use to become a social media influencer?" This vision underpins his passion for helping creators. At OSSA.AI, Cole's creative vision and deep understanding of content creation drive the development of core products and features. His approach to AI seamlessly blends creativity and technology, ensuring that the platform meets the needs of users effectively. His extensive network across multiple business sectors and his unwavering commitment to supporting aspiring creators, brands, and companies in achieving social media success are invaluable assets to the company. Outside of his professional life, Cole enjoys lifting weights and spending quality time with his family and girlfriend.

  • Brennan Duncan

    Brennan Duncan

    Head of Growth

    Brennan Duncan is the Co-Founder of OSSA.AI and a seasoned entrepreneur renowned for his dynamic approach to business. With a career dedicated to entrepreneurship, Brennan has explored nearly every facet of online business, achieving remarkable success. From his early days in door-to-door sales to owning a significant community platform that played a critical role in raising tens of millions of dollars for aspiring startups, his journey is truly inspirational. Brennan's expertise in marketing automation, sales funnels, and customer acquisition has been instrumental in the growth and inception of OSSA.AI. Known for his unique problem-solving abilities and unconventional approach to achieving results, Brennan brings a wealth of experience and an innovative mindset to the company. His presence from day one at OSSA.AI has been pivotal, embodying the essence of a true entrepreneur ready to tackle challenges head-on to ensure the company's success. Beyond his professional achievements, Brennan is a proud father, husband, and Christian.

  • Jaden Bertino

    Jaden Bertino

    Head of Growth

    Jaden Bertino is the Lead Developer at OSSA.AI. A completely self-taught coder, Jaden's passion for programming began in 2022 when he enrolled in an online bootcamp. Remarkably, within less than two years, he has evolved from knowing only JavaScript and TypeScript to becoming a full stack developer responsible for building the entire back-end of OSSA.AI. Jaden's exceptional ability to quickly grasp new concepts and translate the team's ideas into functional code has been instrumental in the development of our core product. Beyond his technical skills, Jaden is an adrenaline junkie with a love for fitness. His dynamic personality and dedication make him an invaluable asset to OSSA.AI.

  • Frank Ramos

    Frank Ramos

    Technical Product Manager

    Frank Ramos is the Senior Technical Product Manager at OSSA.AI, bringing over a decade of experience in technology and finance. A Harvard University graduate in Government and Economics, Frank has excelled in roles at Experian, iHerb, and Prodege, leading senior development teams and executing large-scale projects for Fortune 500 clients. His expertise in mobile app development and product management, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, drives innovation at OSSA.AI. Frank is also a dedicated volunteer with Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles and enjoys exploring new technologies and staying fit.