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Large content creators like Liza Ivanovna are using OSSA.AI everyday to save time, increase social media engagement, and create content that resonates with their target audiences. Additionally, Liza has experienced an increase in leads and sales for her legal business by creating brand-aligned content on our platform.

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Built for Content Creators

We are the first AI-video generation tool that is being consistently used by large social media content creators all around the world.

Revolutionary Features

Engaging Short-Form Content Creation Made Easy

Here's what sets OSSA.AI apart.

Script-to-Video Generation:
Turn written scripts into engaging faceless short-form videos effortlessly.
Content Diversity:
Other platforms are trapping you in a box and templatizing content creation. All videos generated with OSSA.AI are 100% unique. No stock footage, no watermarks, no templates.
Fully Monetizable:
All content that generated through the OSSA.AI platform is monetizable. Users are monetizing daily through programs like the Creativity Beta Program on TikTok.
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What’s included

  • Generate Short-Form Videos
  • 1000 Credits (~ 4 videos)
  • Multiple Unique Voices
  • Automatic Subtitle Generation
  • 12+ Video Styles
  • 15+ Subtitle Fonts
  • Fully Monetizable
  • Max Video Length of 20 Seconds

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Free Forever Plan Terms: After creating an account, user can activate free forever plan to receive 1,000 free video generation credits.

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Become a creator in a few clicks.

OSSA.AI is paving the way for the future of short-form content creation.

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Automatic Video Creation

Simply bring a script, press a button and let OSSA.AI handle everything else. There's no need for additional assets or editing! Just download your faceless short-form videos and upload them directly to your social media platforms.

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Optimized For Engagement

Our proprietary AI models analyze your custom written script and generate unique assets to create a faceless short-form video with viral potential. Say goodbye to copyright strikes and unmonetizable channels.

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Automated Subtitle Generation

Engaging, retention-focused single-word subtitles will be automatically generated and seamlessly integrated into your video.

Making influence accessible to everyone.

OSSA.AI aims to supplement human creativity, not replace it. Our platform provides the ideal balance, giving you creative control while making content creation more efficient.

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